Midi Kite

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The Mini kite is to be used with light bait in medium to strong winds. Like the other kites in our range the Mini has two fibre-glass rods permanently sewn vertically along the borders of the kite’s face, with reinforcing sewn into the top and bottom. All external seams have been hemmed to avoid any fraying when flying in the challenging wind conditions the kite has been designed to meet. The bridle is wound onto a small handle for easy storage and comes packaged in a handy and durable long nylon bag for easy care, storage and handling. The Mini Kite has the same size drogue (tail) as the Maxi and the Midi kites which keeps the kite stable and under control at all times in the high winds.

The Mini Kite, as the smallest in our range, seems to amaze onlookers when it is in flight as it can skip bait out across the water without missing a beat or suffering any mishaps.

The Mini Kite is very suited – as are all the other kites in the range – to fresh or salt water land based fishing, boating enthusiasts, the elderly and of course the disabled community who can now drop their baits in any area of water they choose without having to cast. What a great asset to have. The smallest of our kites will surprise you with its ultimate performance. This is simplicity at its best.

The size of the Mini Kite is 80cm.

Weight 140 g


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