Ball Bearing Swivels – Size 6

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This Black Ball Bearing Swivel is a great asset to have as this is your first point of contact between kite line and fishing kite. Any line twist will be removed and thus allow your kite to have a trouble free flight as general care is required to allow completely hassle free operations. The size 6 swivel is for light kite work and has a test strength of 60 LBS – 30 kg. The size 6 swivel is perfect for any use of the Maxi Kite. The aim of using a good ball bearing swivel is to remove any line twist under load. If you are not using a good ball bearing swivel then you might end up in trouble if the line twists, which in turn will transfer to the bridle, reducing the length of its ‘V’ and the kite will not perform at its best.

Weight 25 g


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